3M 9502V 9502V+ Masker Head-mounted Disposable Maskers Gezicht Mond Masker Met Cool Flow Ventiel Ademend Masker 3M Mascarillas

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  • Model Aantal: MS86
  • Item Type: Maskers
  • Oorsprong: Het Vasteland Van China
  • Toepassing: Volwassenen
  • Veiligheid standaard: GB2626-2006
  • Merknaam: 3M
  • Certificering: GEEN
  • Materiaal: Non-Woven
  • Functie: Anti-stof
  • Grootte: 3M 9502V+ Mask
  • Life cycle: Één keer
  • Beschermingsklasse: KN95

Wees vriendelijk opgemerkt,het product wordt geproduceerd en verspreid worden in het buitenland en onderworpen aan de wetten van het land van oorsprong.Kenmerken:

Het kan filteren 95% van uitlaatgassen, stof, chemische stoffen, stof, pollen, rook en dampen.

Verstelbare neusclip, het helpt effectieve afdichting en condensvrij Houden bril helder

Wordt geleverd met een uitademventiel te verminder hitte en vochtigheid build-up van de binnenkant van het masker, Meer comfortabele ademhaling.Specificaties:

Merk : 3M

Oorsprong van het product :China

model nummer :9502V+ armband

Maat : Universeel

Filters : 95% van de stofdeeltjes groter dan 0,3 micro-meter

17 Bella
To the south of Russia came in 17 days, original, the quality is excellent. Please note that the fastening of the respirators behind the head, not behind the ears.
Masks are clear. Judging by the package, they look like an original. Breathing in the mask is not easier than in the usual medical, even given the presence of a valve. The valve works, but it does not open as easily as I thought. The mask fits perfectly to the face. Gum mounts are sufficient to stretch for a head of 60 sizes. The lower loop of fastening on the head is shorter than the upper one. When ordering did not understand and bought with fasteners on the head, and not behind the ears (the model of the latter is called 9501V +). Putting two loops on your head is uncomfortable. Cut the lower loop at the base of the Mount. Mask and without it sits on the face tightly and perfectly holds. To mount behind the ears I will try to cut the hinges of the fastening in the middle and connect the upper and lower half of each other. Processing the order, sending and delivery of the week. This is despite what I bought during the mass period ажиотажа 11.11. The seller and I recommend it.
Good quality masks.
Kristi Zaya
Strong respirators, fit tightly. Rubber bands are strong, they keep well, but on a large head are short, will crash. In the Moscow region reached 1,5 weeks.
Flint 69
Very fast. Corresponds to the description. Each mask in a separate package. Seller recommend.

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